This is a subject that hits close to home for a lot of us.
Anything you dislike about your body mostly leads to self-consciousness and disables us from presenting ourselves confidently to society.
Over the past few years, in particular, there has been endless amounts of pressure for us to be more and more perfect. 
Em Ford (aka. Mypaleskinblog) has bravely shared her journey with acne and self-confidence in a chilling youtube video titled ‘You look disgusting’, and is encouraging others to share their own in the hopes that we can empower one another through difficult times. To share the love, I write to you my own:

For me, acne was the villain who took my self-confidence. Although I always had a lot of friends I was still bullied for my problematic skin. I always brushed off any insults I received, however, I would still go home and be unhappy with my reflection in the mirror. I remember in primary school, I had a much younger student following me around asking if I had the chicken pox because my face was so ‘spotted’. It’s easy to forgive children because they just don’t know the insult behind what they are saying, however, this carried on through to high school.
I got the typical insults, which I am going to choose not to mention because they are still embarrassing. It never stopped people from talking to be or being my friend, but it definitely defined who I was. One day in class, a male friend of mine turned around and asked me why I was so sunburnt. The whole class turned around to have a look, then my best friend turned to me and suggested I go to the bathroom to have a look – turns out I was having a bad reaction to a medicated cream I was trying.

My mother was by my side throughout the whole ordeal (medication after medication, cream after cream, treatment after treatment) and after years we eventually found a solution that stuck. My family never let me believe that I wasn’t anything but beautiful.
Looking back now, I am thankful for those years. The battles with my skin made me stronger and more resilient. I now appreciate the way I look and embrace all of my flaws.



Em Ford is such an inspiration – you keep doing what you do, girl. You’re affecting people in such a positive way, and giving people the courage to love themselves is a talent not everybody possesses. You are beautiful!
@mypaleskinblog #youlookdisgusting

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